Issue of kashmir and role of

C) kashmir issue - now, kashmir was a difficult one looking at all these situations happening around, maharaja hari singh (hindu ruler), who presided over a muslim majority population and the territory which formed the borders of india and pakistan was hesitant and unwilling to join both the sides. Through this article, we are trying to cover the history of kashmir issue and mistakes committed by jawaharlal nehru related to kashmir issue we would also cover the role of government of india especially the congress government and had if they were avoided there would have been a different story. A overview of the kashmir issue history essay as it is stated in role of united nations in kashmir dispute the kashmir issue will probably remain unsolved . Mirpur: azad jammu and kashmir (ajk) president sardar masood khan has said that india-held kashmir is on fire but the world community is not sending any fire-fighters or peacekeepers to extinguish .

The kashmir dispute dates from 1947 the partition of the indian sub-continent along religious lines led to the formation of india and pakistan however, there remained the problem of over 650 . The population of the indian-administered state of jammu and kashmir is more than 60% muslim, making it the only state within india where muslims are in the majority. Here is a brief history and background of the conflict at the heart of pakistani-indian tensions and wars kashmir history and background on the issue of .

The kashmir conflict is a territorial that the kashmir issue should be finally of india's position on kashmir that no outside power has any role in . Un mediation of the kashmir dispute jump to washington heeded its ambassador's advice and for the rest of 1950 played a scant role in the kashmir issue . Best answer: well kashmir rightfully belongs to india pakistan is occupying it under the mountbatten plan, along which india and pakistan were partitioned, princely states were allowed to have their own say, and hindu majority would go to india and muslim majority would go to pakistan. Pakistan wants peaceful relations with india on the basis of “mutual co-existence”, new president arif alvi said on monday, but raked up the kashmir issue in his first address to the joint . After bhutto was arrested in 1977 and executed in 1979, the kashmir issue once again became the leading cause of conflict between india and pakistan a number of movements have variously sought a merger of kashmir with pakistan, independence for the region from both india and pakistan, or the granting of indian union territory status to .

Short history of kashmir dispute pakistan demands kashmir accede to it the hindu ruler of kashmir does not make a choice india takes the kashmir issue to . Azad kashmir – wikipedia abbreviated as ajk and commonly known as azad kashmir, is a the territory also borders pakistan 39s punjab province to the south and the only solution to the issue is mutual negotiation between the two countries remittances have played a major role in the economy of azad kashmir. The resulting war over kashmir, the first kashmir war, lasted until 1948, when india moved the issue to the un security council sheikh abdullah was not in favour of india seeking un intervention because he was sure the indian army could free the entire state of invaders. One such issue was the conflict over the state of kashmir the dispute over kashmir has dogged relations between india and pakistan since the states were created by the partition of british india in 1947. Kashmir is the most thorny and intractable issue the kashmir conflict: a kashmiri perspective in terms of its positive role in supporting the ongoing.

Issue of kashmir and role of

As mentioned previously, india maintains that kashmir is a bilateral issue that precludes third party intervention[73] external actors are also hesitant to get involved due to the intensity of the situation and the risks that involvement could imply for their own economic or political system. 1 the kashmir issue: what is america’s role howard b schaffer talk at boston college, september 27, 2012 thank you so much it’s really great to meet with you. Get an answer for 'the kashmir issue and role of pakistanthis topic name (kashmir issue and role of pakistan) in history pls help me in this topic this comprising 1200 words whould be . The essay on kashmir issue and dispute discusses the recognition of this world problem by uno and the three parties to it kashmir issue: an outline:.

  • Irna – speakers at an international seminar in islamabad unanimously criticized the united nations for not playing an effective role on kashmir issue and emphasized the role of regional powers, including ‘iran’, to help resolve kashmir cause the seminar, inaugurated on thursday by prime .
  • The kashmir problem and its resolution wajahat habibullah, senior fellow habibullah noted that originally it was largely an ethnic issue however, over the years .
  • Is kashmir a religious or a political issue update cancel answer wiki indian army is playing a fantastic role in kashmir and this has become a great challenge .

Home national causes of kashmir conflict causes of kashmir conflict is religion an issue india pakistan conflict jammu and kashmir conflict kashmir . Kashmir issue is the core issue between pakistan and india it has a deep and direct effect on indo-pak relations and peace and prosperity in south asia at present, it is an issue of international importance. “the kashmir conflict represents a self-determination (and more recently, secessionist) movement for kashmiris an irredentist movement for pakistan and pakistan- controlled kashmir and a civil insurgency for india”8 possible solutions to kashmir conflict as the kashmir conflict enters 64th year, the issue continues to remain complex and . The kashmir issue it is a territorial issue which relates to indian territory of state of jammu and kashmir against pakistan’s illegal and forcible occupation this has to be dealt with internationally (bilaterally) by goi.

issue of kashmir and role of That kashmir is a vexed issue, involving interests of different stakeholders and thus making it difficult to solve this conflict is substantiated by the results of this study conducted in five main districts of the state.
Issue of kashmir and role of
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